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Twin Newborn Squishy Goodness | Littleton, Central Mass, Metro West, Westford, Concord, Acton Newborn Twin Photographer

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph TWINS!! A twin newborn session – it was my first ever and it was such an awesome experience! These sweet girls were just the best models ever. They snuggled up so sweetly together, and rocked their individual photos as well. They made my job easy!I think she’s trying to tell us her sister has a stinky diaper 😉Her sister replies ‘nuh-uh, it’s her!’Seriously, with the smiles. Newborn smiles just slay me! And the dimples?? I die!Time for some individual photos, because of course they are their own people 😉And some more snuggly photos!Baby number two…


Such adorable girls!!!

8 Day Old Rockstar | Littleton, MA Newborn Photographer

This is baby number three for this family, boy number two, and their second newborn that I have photographed! (I wasn’t in business when they had their first 😉 ) I just love this family so much, they are the sweetest most fun and laid back parents, and it’s always a fun session for me when I work with them. Of course this session focused mostly on the newest little dude, but I got some family and sibling shots in too!

I got a more calm shot too, but honestly these are my favorite family photos from this session! This is real life right here. 0, 2, and 4. This is what it looks like!

One of my favorite newborn and mom shots I’ve ever taken!Okay, now here’s the little dude. Well, not super little. He was a little chunk. And his best feature? His hair. OMG that hair! SO AWESOME. This is the first and only newborn session I’ve done where I didn’t use one single hat. Not one! I couldn’t bear to cover up this amazingness.newborn rolls photonewborn button nosenewborn sleepy photosleepy newborn boycurled up newbornsleepy newborn photosleepy newborn photoawesome newborn haircozy sleepy newborn


Brotherly Love in the Apple Blossoms | Littleton, Harvard, Central Mass Children Photographer

Check it out! It’s the latest thing I made my boys suffer through 😉 My clients often think their kids were uncooperative for their photos, but I always assure them I have seen worse. Way worse. From my own children. It’s a miracle I ever get photos of them smiling! See for yourself…
Luckily though, I am able to squeak in a few good pictures of them per session 😉Swoon. These boys hold my heart in their hands. Love them so much!


One Year Old Baby Girl | Littleton, Carlisle, Central Mass Family Photographer

I photographed this sweet girl as a newborn last year, I can’t believe she is one already! I just loved this family session, one of my favorites in a while! How cute are they?golden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photosgolden hour birthday photos


Apple Blossom Mini Sessions | Littleton, MA Family Photographer

I don’t often hold mini sessions, only for special occasions. Like the apple blossoms, which only bloom for a short time once a year. Gotta take advantage of that, right?? I got to work with some super sweet kiddos and families this year! Check them out…